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Axxis Corp. uses the newest technology for manufacturing quality components. Our state-of-the-art facility includes 40,000 square feet of cutting-edge equipment and software. We utilize Solid Works and Esprit CAD/CAM systems for programming. Our equipment list is a reflection of our goal to provide machining that is reliable, accurate, and of the highest quality.

CNC Turning
Okuma LB-300 Turning Center w/Milling 9” OD
Tsugami CNC Swiss Machine 5/8” DIA. MAX.
Okuma LC-20 CNC Turning Center 11” OD X 19”
2 Okuma Cadet CNC Turning Centers 11” OD X 18”
2 Takisawa TC 203J Turning Center 8” OD X 11”
Okuma Cadet CNC Turning Center 9” OD X 18” W/ BF
3 HAAS HL-2 CNC Turning Center 9” OD X 15”
Hitachi Seike 23J Turning Center 10"
Hitachi Seike 4NE Turning Center 10"
1 HAAS HL-4 Turning Center
1 HAAS SL-20 Turning Center
2 Takisawa TCN-2500 L6 Turning Center 10" OD X 20"
CNC Milling
Makino A6INX Horizontal Machining Center with MMC2 12 pallet system
2 HAAS Hrisp Horiz Machining CTR 20” X 40” X 16”
HAAS GR-510 Gantry Router 120” X 60” X 11”
HAAS VF-1 Vertical Machining CTR 16” X 20” X 16”
3 HAAS VF-2 Vertical Machining Center
HAAS VF-3 Machining Center 40” X 20” X 20”
2 Okuma Cadet 4020 Vert. Machining Center
3 Brother High Speed Machining Center
YCI Supermax Machining Center 22” X 44” X 22”
Brother R650 X1 Vertical Machining Center 15''x25''x12''
Brother S1000 X1 Vertical Machining Center 39''X19''X11'' With 5Axis Rotery Table
Support Equipment
Sundstrand #1 Horizontal Milling Machine
Hardinge DSM Lathe
Hardinge Hand Chucker
Landis 1R OD Grinder
7 Bridgeport Vertical Mills
Doringer 12” Cold Saw
2 Sunnen Hone Model MBB-1650
Jones & Shipman Surface Grinder
Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
Vertical Band Saw
Drill Presses
Epilog Legend EXT Laser 36 X 24
Takisawa TCN-3500 L5 12'' Chuck 19.29'' Swing 20'' Length 3.15'' Bar Capacity
Takisawa TCN-2600cm L6 10'' Chuck 15.75'' Swing 18'' Length 2.92'' Bar Capacity w/Live Tooling
Engineering Equipment
Solid Works
Bob Cad
Micro Estimating System
E2 Shop Systems (Floor Control)
Inspection Equipment
Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine
1 Scherr-Tumico Comparator 12”
Starret HGC 2018-16
Starret HBC 350 with Quadra-Check 2000
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