Axxis Engages with Local Students, Introducing them to the World of Manufacturing

Getting the younger generation excited about careers in technical fields such as manufacturing is something that Axxis has been passionate about for years. But, let’s face it, for most students, a career in manufacturing doesn’t sound as exciting as becoming a doctor or a lawyer. However, our goal is to change that narrative and showcase how entering the manufacturing field can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice.  


With the manufacturing industry losing more and more employees to retirement, there is a significant need to prepare the next generation of machinists to take over the industry. However, there is still an enormous expectation for students to attend a traditional four-year college after high school. In fact, college is often held up as the one true path to success. As such, Axxis has made it a personal mission to improve the public perception of manufacturing careers and the value they can bring.


While the shortage of skilled workers may seem like a crisis, Axxis embraces it as an opportunity to empower a new generation to experiment and innovate in the workplace. According to Brian Grigson, General Manager at Axxis, it’s crucial to get students active in manufacturing early. “There are kids ranging from junior high to community college level who live in the community and have driven by Axxis hundreds of times, yet they have no clue what happens inside our machine shop,” he said. “We want to change that.”

Axxis tries to express to students and their families that not every kid is built to go to college and that there are a lot of great vocational jobs available both locally and across the United States. “For the most part, kids aren’t exposed to careers available in manufacturing, so they don’t even know what they entail. Manufacturing doesn’t just mean becoming a CNC machine operator. It also includes welding, HVAC, electrician, warehouse worker, forklift operator, repair, quality, engineering… the list goes on,” Brian said.

Another large misconception is that all manufacturing facilities are filthy and will have you coming home covered in oil and grease, but this is not the case anymore. While there are still many jobs that require an employee to get their hands dirty, due to automation and technological improvements, many manufacturing jobs only require employees to program machines.


For nearly eight years, Axxis has brought students in from local schools, given them tours of the facility, and explained the roles of different jobs within the company. In addition, students learn how to run the machines and have the opportunity to make a part. As a result, bringing students into the Axxis facility increases their chances of choosing a career in manufacturing compared to if they had never stepped foot in a manufacturing facility. Axxis also makes it a point to partner up with other organizations that are passionate about inspiring students to consider manufacturing. One such organization is Manufacturing Institute, which organizes Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) each year. MFG Day is held on the first Friday in October to show students, parents, and the public what modern manufacturing is all about.

Over the years, Axxis has seen firsthand the benefit of engaging with local students. For example, Axxis has a current employee who visited the facility when he was a sophomore in high school. During his tour, he was amazed to learn that Axxis makes parts for aerospace, and it was at that point he decided he wanted to work for the company after graduation. Today, he’s been with Axxis for nearly four years and is a major asset to the company.

Axxis plans to continue investing in the future generation of manufacturers and showing students that Axxis is a company that genuinely cares about them. This is evident through the long-term growth opportunities available within the company. To explore employment opportunities at Axxis, please visit  

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