Axxis Corporation Invests in State-of-Art Equipment to Enhance Product Quality

Perris, California – January 9, 2022 – Axxis Corporation is pleased to announce the investment of state-of-art equipment at their headquarters facility in Perris, California.  Brian Grigson, General Manager, exclaimed, “we have the newest technology for manufacturing quality components. Our state-of-the-art facility includes 40,000 square feet of cutting-edge equipment and software. We utilize Solid Works

Axxis Solves Quality Inspection Bottleneck with Top-of-the-Line CMM

Axxis Solves Quality Inspection Bottleneck with Top-of-the-Line CMM Every business faces internal problems at one point or another; however, the best companies are constantly in a problem-solving mode. Axxis is no exception. ChallengeWe were facing difficulty when it came to maintaining a good quality to speed balance, resulting in a slight backlog during the quality

Axxis Cuts 16 Week Project to 7 Weeks for Oil & Gas Customer

Axxis serves various industries; however, a good portion of our business still resides in the Oil & Gas Industry, which is the first market that Axxis served. Challenge As you may know, the demand for exotic steel has gone up drastically, causing the material’s price to nearly double. As a result, our customer, a leading

Aerospace Company Turns to Axxis for High-Quality Precision Machining

Pivoting to New Markets Over our 62 years in business, we have worked with a wide variety of industries. We’ve supplied businesses with high-quality machined parts and components, including those within the power generation, medical device, automotive aftermarket, and military industries. For our first 15 years in business, however, we worked solely with companies within